De grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2012

Concept: Kantoor Kraaij

Selection committee:
  • Mariëtte Dölle,
  • Hans Kombrink,
  • Yonca Özbilge,
  • Stephan Saaltink and
  • Maarten Struijs
Size: 29,8 x 34 cm, 369 pages
Reproductions in colour

Printed by Mediacenter, Rotterdam

Published by Trichis Publishing bv, Rotterdam, 2011

The Models is one artwork in a serie of twelve titled: Alice (high, low and in between).
This serie is a merry-go-round of twelve paintings interwoven invisibly. An expedition through a continuously changing Alice in Wonderland labyrinth.

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Alice (high, low and in between)
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De grote Rotterdamse Kalender2012

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July 10th, 2012: "The Models", oil on canvas, 2010
© Arie van Geest