Arie van Geest - Alice (high, low and in between)

Published on the occasion of the below exhibitions:

º Galerie Willy Schoots, Eindhoven 03.07 / 20.08 - 2011
º Galerie Delta, Rotterdam 01.10 / 30.10 - 2011
º Livingstone gallery, Den Haag 04.03 / 29.04 - 2012

"Winter goes into summer, summer goes into fall.
I look into the mirror, don't see anything at all."

Bob Dylan "Mississippi"

Tell Tale Signs
: (The Bootleg Series Vol. 8), 2008

Alice (high, low and in between) is a merry-go-round of twelve paintings interwoven invisibly. An expedition through a continuously changing Alice in Wonderland labyrinth.
This bead necklace of the imagination with lots of pictorial references to illustrious predecessors in the history of art terminates in the last painting ecilA on the other side of the mirror.
In ten of the twelve paintings I put a graphic representation by John Tenniel at the centre. A silent tribute to the first illustrator of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There.

However, the series is not only based on Lewis Carroll’s famous story. Bare life itself - with melancholy versus emotion for its two key players - was the real starting point of my artificial crusade against logic.

The catalogue features photographs of all 12 artworks and the text of letters (partly quoted) by Arie van Geest addressed to:
  • Klaas and Heleen Gubbels,
  • Pat Andrea,
  • Etienne and Nanda Dupont,
  • Jan Riezenkamp,
  • Age Klink,
  • Pieter van Oudheusden,
  • Hans Andringa and
  • Olphaert den Otter.

Text: Arie van Geest
Production: Arie van Geest, Rotterdam and Roland Janssen, Eindhoven
Photography: Ido Menco, The Hague
Art direction and design: Scherpontwerp, Eindhoven
Print: 5NUL8 grafische producties, Valkenburg
Cover photo: Studio Arie van Geest, Rotterdam
With thanks to: Etienne Dupont, Barendrecht and Berneja van den Berg, Rotterdam

Size: 27 x 21 cm, 24 p. (14 reproductions in colour)
Edition: 750
Published by Editions Alias, Rotterdam, 2011
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Catalogue Alice (high, low and in between)

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"The broken promised land", oil on canvas, 2011

e-Book: catalogue 'Alice (high, low and in between)' e-Book catalogue (Dutch language)
© Arie van Geest