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2020 Juli 9th 2020 t/m Augustus 9th 2020

Exhibition Publieke Werken Rotterdam

An outdoor exhibition throughout Rotterdam of 400 visual artists, designers, photographers and illustrators.
2001, Oil/tempera on canvas.

2019 November 9th 2019 - December 8th 2019

Exhibition 'De Louvre Opstelling' (small size paintings)
Arie van Geest - Klaas Gubbels
Walgenbach Art & Books Rotterdam
Gouwstraat 15, 3082 BA  Rotterdam
Opening hours: Friday and Saturday from 12:00 to 17:00 hr or by appointment

Opening Sunday, November 10th at 15:00 hr by Vincent Mentzel

The opening of the exhibition will be at in the studio of QS.Serafijn located just accross Walgenbach Art & Books at De Gouwstraat 44a.
Arie van Geest and Klaas Gubbels, studio Availles-Limouzine, july 20<sup>st</sup> 2019

Arie van Geest and Klaas Gubbels,
july 20st 2019

juli 2019
Franke Koksma: The Broken Promised Land, The Lewis Carroll Review, the Reviewing Journal of the Lewis Carroll Society Nr 57

Songbird (Moana)

Songbird (Moana)
2015, Oil on canvas
February 2nd 2019
Location: De Oude Bieb met PIT, Brink 70, 7411 BW Deventer

In the afternoon (13.45 - 14.30 HR) Arie van Geest gives a lecture about the influence of Alice on his work, titled It’s Only a Dream

Logo Lewis Carroll Genootschap
Program 3rd symposiun Lewis Carroll Genootschap PDF-document (PROGRAM) 3rd Symposium LCG
Het zwarte licht

Het zwarte licht
2017-2018, Oil on canvas
2018 January 2018
Donation to Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen by Hans Sonnenberg

In 2000 Hans Sonnenberg, gallery owner in Rotterdam, donated fifteen outstanding works of art to Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. They included works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Peter Blake, David Hockney and Peter Saul.

Hans Sonnenberg died on 29 September 2017, 89 years of age. After his death Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen once again was given an opportunity to acquire a number of works of art from his private collection.

My cheap violin and my cross (2002) by Arie van Geest was chosen. Consequently this work was added to his other paintings already in the museum collection: The lucky painter (1975), Anna (1977) and Reading Gaol (1985).

My cheap violin and my cross

My cheap violin and my cross
2002, Oil, tempera on canvas
2017| October 4th - October 8th 2017
Art The Hague
Fokkerterminal, Binckhorstlaan 249, 2516 BB The Hague

                        * Livingstone gallery
                        * Van Spijk/Rekafa Publishers

Trouw (28 juli-2017)
The Hague

Monkey man
2017, Oil on canvas
| May 30st 2017 - June 5th 2017
KunstRAI 2017
Van Spijk / Rekafa Publishers (web info)
Amsterdam Rai, Amstelhal (Hal 7) entrance Wielingenstraat (1078 KK)

The future

The future
2017, Oil on canvas
| January 29th 2017 - February 11th 2017
The Broken Promised Land (studies)
Solo exhibition at Walgenbach Art & Books (e-Mail)
Gouwstraat 15, 3082 BA Rotterdam
Opening hours: Thursday till Saturday from 12:00 to 17:00 hr

Show of sketches and presentation of the deluxe book edition:
The Broken Promised Land

Opening and Artist Talk by Wouter Welling:
Saturday afternoon January 29nd, 15:00 hr

Invitation card

Cover 'The Broken Promised Land', 2016
The Broken Promised Land

January 22nd 2017 - February 19th 2017
Group show
Masters of Rotterdam
WTC-Art Gallery
Meent 132, 3011 JS Rotterdam
For information please click:

Sunday afternoon January 22nd 2017 (16:30 hr) by Sjarel Ex

Masked and anonymous

Masked and anonymous
2016, Oil on canvas
| January 18th - 22nd 2017
For Real - Actuele figuratie
Van Spijk / Rekafa Publishers
Passenger Terminal Amsterdam
Piet Heinkade 27, Amsterdam
For information please click:

Opening: Wednesday afternoon January 18th 2017 (16:30 hr) by His Nobleness Janvier Garrigues, Consul General of Spain

Invitation card
| January 15th 2017 - March 18th 2017
Solo exhibition
The Broken Promised Land
Livingstone gallery
Anna Paulownastraat 70 A/B, 2518 BH The Hague

Opening and presentation publication:
Sunday afternoon January 15th 2017 (16:00 hr) by Hugo Bongers

Cover 'The Broken Promised Land', 2016

Publication The Broken Promised Land
Text: Wouter Welling
Publishing house: Van Spijk / Rekafa Publishers, Alias Editions,
                             Livingstone Editions
Pages: 96 - Price: € 17,50 - ISBN: 9789062169207
The Hague
De reuzendwerg

De reuzendwerg - 2016, Oil on canvas
2016| October 5th - 9th 2016
ART The Hague
Van Spijk / Rekafa Publishers
Fokker Terminal
Binckhorstlaan 249, 2516 BB The Hague
The Hague
Dopey II

Dopey II - 2015, Oil on canvas
| February 27th 2016 - March 19th 2016|
De geest van Zekveld
Exhibition Arie van Geest / Jacob Zekveld.
Galerie Delta, Eendrachtsplein 19, 3015 LA Rotterdam
Opening: Saturdag afternoon Feb'y 27th (15:00 - 17:00 hr)
Opening hours: Thursday t/m Saturday: 13:00 - 17:00 hr

Invitationcard exhibition of works by Arie van Geest: 'De geest van Zekveld', 2016

Uitnodiging expositie Arie van Geest 'De geest van Zekveld', 2016

Click above picture or the invitation card (shown left) to see De geest van Zekveld.
| February 10th - 14th 2016
Rotterdam Contemporary, hommage aan Hans Sonnenberg
Group show (4 'poulains')
Galerie Delta
Cruise Terminal, Wilhelminakade 699, Rotterdam

Artist talks: Friday February 12th, 16.00 hr
Hugo Bongers interviews Arie van Geest

picture of Dopey

Dopey - 2015, Oil on canvas
| January 10th 2016 - February 28th 2016
How heavy is time?
Livingstone gallery 25 years
Group show
Livingstone Gallery
Anna Paulownastraat 70 A/B, 2518 BH The Hague

Opening: Sundag afternoon January 10th at 16.00 hr
Opening hours:
Wednesday - Saturday (+ last Sunday of the month) 12.00 - 17.00 hr

Website link Livingstone Gallery

The Hague
picture of Grace II

Grace II - 2015, Oil on canvas
2015| November 28th 2015 - January 30st 2016
Cirque de la Grâce
Paintings & Drawings
Solo exhibition, Hans Walgenbach Art & Books (e-Mail)
Gouwstraat 15, 3082 BA Rotterdam

Opening: Saturday afternoon, 15:00 hr, November 28th
Opening hours: Thursday / Saturday, 12.00 hr until 17.00 hr

eBook-catalogus 'Alice (high, low and in between)' eBook - 3 Paintings
eBook-catalogus 'Alice (high, low and in between)' eBook - 4 Drawings

picture of Shine II

Shine II - 2014/2015, Oil on canvas
| April 6th- April 26th 2015
Boomers Art, Partners in time I
Group exhibition, WTC Art Gallery
Beursplein 37, 3011 AA Rotterdam
Monday afternoon April 6th (16:00 - 17:30 hr)
by Hans Walgenbach, Art & Books

picture of Songbird (Moana)

Click picture to see Songbird (Moana)
in detail.
2014| December 13th 2014 - 6 January 6th 2015
Group exhibition, Galerie Delta
Eendrachtsplein 19, 3015 LA Rotterdam
Opening: Saturday afternoon Dec. 13th (15:00 - 17:00 hr)

Invitation card Galerie Delta (inside)
Arie van Geest, Grace
Move mouse cursor over above picture to see
Burgert Koonijnendijk, Striptease &
Marin de Jong
, Flair.
picture of Grace

Click picture to see Grace in detail.
November 15th 2014 – March 28th 2015
Dier in het Vizier – Part II
Group exhibition
Museum Nairac (
Brouwerstraat 1
3711 HA Barneveld
Friday afternoon November 14th (17:30 tot 19:00 hr) by Jeroen Dijkstra, Livingstone gallery, The Hague

Works shown e.g.: Kevin Berlin, James Brown, Mark Brusse, Arie van Geest, Cornelia Schleime, John van 't Slot, Simon Schrikker, Hugo Tieleman, Brigit Verwer and Roger Wardin

Barneveld picture of Sous-bois

Sous-bois, 2014
Olieverf op doek, 70 x 90 cm
| February 8th - 28th
Paradise lost
Solo exhibition
Galerie Delta
Eendrachtsplein 19
3015 LA Rotterdam
Saturday afternoon, February 8th (1500 - 1700 hr)

Rotterdam Berneja (Mandorla) & Lost

Berneja (Mandorla), 2013-2014
Oil on canvas, 110 x 130 /
Lost, 2013 Oil on canvas, 100 x 130
February 8th - April 27th
Bébert - Publishing House and Gallery (1980-1990)
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

Works shown e.g: Armando, Richard Artschwager, Joseph Beuys, Rommert Boonstra, René Daniëls, Arie van Geest, Genral Idea, Klaas Gubbels, Richard Hamilton, Jan Henderiksen, Sol LeWitt, Robert Longo, Robert Mapplethorpe, Henk Peeters, Jan Schoonhoven, John van 't Slot, Aldo Rossi, Lawrence Weiner.

Rotterdam Prey

Prey, 1982
Mixed Media, 24,7 x 33 cm (2x)
January 28th - March 1st
Group Show
Thanassis Frissiras Art Gallery
Athens Studio Availles

Studio, 2010
Oil on canvas, 100 x 130 cm
2013| January, 19th - May, 12th
Painting I - European Painting Affinities, 1960-1980
Group exhibition Frissiras Museum

Works shown e.g: Pat Andrea, Eduardo Arroyo, Frank Auerbach, Peter Blake, Arie van Geest, David Hockney, R.B. Kitaj, Mimo Paladino and Antonio Segui.
Athens La Barbe

The Collector, 2006
Oil, tempera on canvas, 110 x 150 cm
March, 3rd - April, 14th
Face the Face,
photography - painting - drawing - video - sculpture
. Group exhibition
Livingstone gallery (

The Hague
2012| November, 4st - December, 22nd
The final Alice. Solo exhibition
Livingstone gallery (
The Hague The sleeping giant

The sleeping giant, 2012
Oil on canvas, 110 x 130 cm
April, 8th - November, 4th
Goddelijk en Griezelig. Het geheim van de slang. Group exhibition
Afrika Museum (

Berg en Dal
March, 18th - April, 20th
On the road again.
Group exhibition
Livingstone gallery

Works of a.o.: James Brown, Arie van Geest, Raquel Maulwurf, Ryan Mendoza, Robert Rauschenberg, Adriaan Rees, Manfred Schneider, Simon Schrikker, John van 't Slot, Hugo Tieleman, Brigit Verwer, Roger Wardin, Jan Wattjes.
The Hague
2011| October, 1st - October, 21st
Alice (high, low and in between)
Solo exhibition
Galerie Delta

VIDEO "Arie van Geest about Alice in Wonderland"
(Dutch spoken)

Invitation card Alice (high, low and in between)
Exhibition invitation card
Galerie Delta, Rotterdam

"Arie van Geest about Alice in Wonderland"

| July, 3rd - August, 20st
Alice (high, low and in between)
Solo exhibition
Galerie Willy -Schoots


Invitation card Alice (high, low and in between)

Exhibition invitation card
Galerie Willy Schoots, Eindhoven
Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition:
"Arie van Geest - Alice (high, low and in between)".

e-Book: catalogue 'Alice (high, low and in between)' e-Book catalogue (Dutch language)
Exhibition catalogue Arie van Geest, Alice (high, low and in between)

Exhibition catalogue

January, 13th - January, 16th
Galerie Willy Schoots en Galerie van Duyse
Realisme 11

Ronald Ceuppens, Arie van Geest, Adriaan Rees, Igor Verpoorten
Amsterdam The holy trinity in Athens

The holy trinity in Athens, 2008
Oil, tempera on canvas, 100 x 130 cm
January22th - February 26th
Group exhibition Galerie Petit

Hans Andringa, Hein Dingemans, Arie van Geest, Joop van Meel, Peter van Poppel, Karel van Rooyen among others
Amsterdam Walking on water

Walking on water, 2009
Oil, tempera on canvas, 100 x 130 cm
2010| October, 9th - November, 5th
Group exhibition Galerie Delta
Ils sont venus de si loin

Sandro Chia, Jim Dine, Julio Galan, Arie van Geest, Berend Hoekstra, Marin, Peter Saul, Ray Smith, Joe Tilson en Emo Verkerk
Rotterdam La Barbe

La Barbe, 2001
Oil, tempera on canvas, 100 x 90 cm
Traveling exhibition
The 2010 Fine Art Collection
China, Denmark, Germany, Honduras, New Zealand, U.S.A. and South Africa
January, 17th - February, 15th 2010
Duo exhibition WTC Art Gallery
Arie van Geest, paintings - Diana Roig, paintings
January 9th - February 7th 2010
Solo exhibition Galerie Delta
Arie van Geest, 5 new paintings
2009| Sad-eyed Lady of the Lowlands  Solo exhibition Livingstone gallery        The Hague Song and dance man

Song and dance man, 2008
Oil, tempera on canvas, 100 x 130 cm
The Ministery of Foreign Affairs buys three works The Hague
2008| The new force of painting  Frissiras Museum Athens De anti-beelddwerg

The anti-image dwarf, 2006
Oil, tempera on canvas, 100 x 140 cm
Solo exhibition Galerie Delta

Harbor Lights  GAD Gallery

Harbor Lights
TV-documentary Antenne TV

2007| Realisme '07 (Galerie Willy Schoots)
Radio-interview Kunststof NPS

Art Rotterdam (Galerie Willy Schoots/Livingstone gallery)

TV documentary Moois TV Rijnmond

Arie van Geest exhibits at the ART Rotterdam Art Fair (8 to 12 February 2007)

Cultural Magazine Moois interviews Arie van Geest, Hans Walgenbach and Jan Riezenkamp about the work of Arie van Geest and his monograph "Arie van Geest - Visible Absence"; an overview of his 40 years as an artist.

TV documentary moois TV Rijnmond

Art Amsterdam/ KunstRai (Galerie Willy Schoots)

Visible Absence  Solo exhibition Galerie Willy Schoots
Interview Karel van de Graaf
Eindhoven Exhibition invitation card Visible Absence

Exhibition invitation card
The Frissiras Museum buys four paintings Athens
Basisstipendium, Fonds BKVB Amsterdam
2006| Visible Absence  Solo exhibition Livingstone gallery
Presentation monographVisible Absence

Monograph Arie van Geest 'Visible Absence', 2006

Arie van Geest, Visible Absence
Text: Pieter van Oudheusden
The Hague Waiting for the Barbarians

Waiting for the Barbarians, 2002-2004
Oil, tempera on canvas, 130 x 160 cm
© Arie van Geest