(Arie van Geest / John van 't Slot)
Uitgeverij Bébert, Rotterdam

Edition: 56, in linnen folder (35 x 28 x 1 cm).

Drawing (Arie van Geest and John van 't Slot)

Drawing by Arie van Geest and John van 't Slot, part of edition number 20/56. Coloured crayon and Indian ink on scooped paper, 1982, 7 x 17 cm (paper size: 22,4 x 24,7 cm)
br />Collection Etienne and Nanda Dupont, Barendrecht.
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Move cursor over picture to view "Polaroid", part of edition number 20/56, showing portrait Polaroid photograph of Arie van Geest and the drawings by John van 't Slot.
© Arie van Geest